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Olives come in all shapes and sizes. Green, purple, black; pitted, stuffed, spiced; Kalamata, Nicoise, Sicilian; they all have a unique and fragrant flavor profile. And while they’re very tasty and satisfying on their own — and even more so as a snack alongside an evening cocktail — they’re also well suited for taking your favorite dishes up a notch.

Planning on making fish for dinner? Dress it up with an olive and mint relish. In the mood for pasta? With just some olives and fresh herbs, dinner is served. Tired of the same old white rice on your dining table? Add olives and you won’t be able to get enough. Being that they’re packed-full of briny goodness, it’s in your best interest to keep some stocked in your fridge (or cupboard) at all times. You never know when they’ll come to your rescue and make your ordinary meal unforgettable.

With all the varieties to choose from, sometimes it’s difficult to know which to choose. For a helpful guide outlining the difference between these little fruits, check out Whole Foods’ helpful site.

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