ALDI Price Reductions from 22 May 2021

ALDI Price Reductions from 22 May 2021. Do you know what’s on sale this week at ALDI Australia ? If you haven’t, using the store’s weekly catalogue advertisements will be your great guide.

What is lowererererer?

Glad you asked. It’s when an already low ALDI price is permanently made lower across our entire grocery range. That’s everyday essentials like bacon, pasta and cheese. Mmmm… cheese. 

Our reductions are the perfect excuse to try something new from our everyday range. Or to stock up on cheese… Below are our latest reductions, keep checking back as we continue to reduce prices on more products. 

ALDI Price Reductions from 22 May 2021

Here is preview Price Reductions this week from 22/5/2021

ALDI Price Reductions from 22 May 2021

What’s Special Buys on sale Saturday this week at ALDI?

  • Dairy Dream Yogurt Pouch Strawberry 110g
  • Dairy Dream Yogurt Pouch Vanilla 110g
  • Dairy Dream Yogurt Pouch Raspberry 110g
  • Grandessa Signature Jam Blueberry or Mixed Berry 370g
  • Grandessa Signature Jam Raspberry 370g
  • Westacre Cheese Block Tasty Light 500g
  • Westacre Cheese Block Tasty 500g
  • Westacre Cheese Block Extra Tasty 500g
  • Sprinters Pretzel Twists 200g
  • New Season Australian Sliced Beetroot 425g
  • Westcliff Lime Cordial 1L
  • Westacre Natural Slices 24pk/500g
  • Westacre Natural Slices 24pk/500g
  • Belmont Biscuit Co. 100s & 1000s Biscuits 200g
  • Berg Rindless Middle Bacon 500g
  • Oh So Natural Almond Spread 240g
  • Just Organic Tomato Paste 140g
  • Sana Incontinence Pads 14pk/12pk/10pk
  • Lodge Farms Free Range Eggs 600g
  • Elmsbury Spinach & Ricotta Triangles 12pk/360g
  • Natural Elements Pet Nutrition Grain Free Dog Food 100g
  • Julius Dog Food 8kg
  • Lacura Essentials BB Cream 50ml
  • Ocean Royale Basa Fillets (Frozen) 1kg
  • Sunnyvale Table Spread 500g
  • The Cake Stall Banana Bread 5pk 500g
  • Just Organic Pitted Kalamata Olives 350g
  • The Soup Co. Chicken & Sweetcorn or Pumpkin Soup 535g
  • Ocean Royale Wild Raw Peeled Prawns 500g
  • Berg Cooking Bacon 750g
  • Oh So Natural LSA or Linseed 250g-500g
  • Just Organic Goji Berries 150g
  • Dairy Dream Fruit Swirled Yogurt 720g
  • Goldenvale Bran & Sultanas 500g
  • Simply Super Butter Chicken/Satay Chicken 350g
  • Berg Shaved Honey Ham 250g
  • Merryfield Brown Sugar 1kg
  • Bramwells Peanut Butter 500g
  • Westacre Natural Slices 24pk/500g
  • Ready, Set…Cook! Crumbed Chicken Tenders 400g
  • Bakers Life Sunny Pikelets 8pk/200g
  • Stonemill Black Peppercorn Grinder 50g
  • Stonemill Sea Salt Iodised Grinder 110g
  • Ready, Set…Cook! Pork Loin Greek Style per kg
  • Sunnyvale Table Spread 1kg
  • The Cake Stall Muffins Chocolate Chip 4pk
  • The Cake Stall Muffins Blueberry 4pk
  • Has No GF Pancake Buttermilk/Original 325g
  • Frozen Fish Crumbed/Battered 1kg
  • Casa Barelli Gourmet Pasta 500g
  • Sweet Vine Dried Blueberries 90g
  • Oh So Natural Superfood Powders
  • Dentitex Interdental Pro Toothbrush
  • Logix Dishwashing Powder
  • Asia Specialties Sriracha Sauce
  • Goldenvale Oats Sensations 12pk/420g
  • World Kitchen Mini Pizza Bases 12pk/700g
  • Moccona Classic Coffee 150g
  • Jindurra Station Beef Scotch Fillet Steak per kg
  • Jindurra Station Beef Porterhouse per kg
  • Berg Shaved Ham 250g
  • Ocean Royale Frozen Salt & Pepper Squid 360g
  • Ready, Set…Cook! Chicken Kebabs 800g/10pk
  • Lodge Farms Free Range Eggs 700g
  • Remano Spaghetti 500g
  • Remano Penne 500g
  • Specially Selected Gourmet Pasta Sauce 400g
  • Just Organic Passata 690g
  • Premiere Greek Style Yogurt 1kg
  • Bon Appetit Brioche Sliced Loaf 500g
  • Goldenvale Fruity Rings 300g
  • Goldenvale Honey Nut Cornflakes 670g
  • Remano Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3.78L
  • Remano Specialty Vinegars 500ml
  • Imperial Grain Microwave Quinoa 250g
  • Nuttelex Original 375g
  • Natural Elements Pet Nutrition Dog Grain Free Sticks 5pk
  • Dairy Dream Blueberry Yogurt 110g
  • Deli Originals Tzatiki Dip 200g
  • Deli Originals Fresh Avocado Dip 200g
  • Grandessa Signature Jam 370g
  • Sweet Valley Australian Apple Slices in Juice 410g
  • Inner Goodness Unsweetened Coconut Milk 1L
  • White Mill Bread Crumbs 500g
  • Deli Originals Topped Hommus 200g
  • Colway Flavoured Mayonnaise 252g
  • Westcliff Apple Raspberry Cordial 1L
  • Blackstone Five Grain Chips 175g
  • Forresters Baking Nuts Almond 125g


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