Aldi Catalogue Specials 29, 19 July – 25 July 2023

Browse Aldi catalogue Australia of the week from 19 July – 25 July 2023, and a preview Aldi catalogue next week here! Also scroll with the mouse to navigate the entire page of the Aldi special buys.

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What’s on sale in ALDI for this week?

on sale Wednesday 19 July



  • XXL Pepper Grinder 120g
  • 15L Steam Air Fryer Oven
  • Cast Iron French Pan



on sale Saturday 22 July



  • Portable Party Speaker
  • Assorted Clamp Sets
  • Cling Wrap 300m




ALDI Super Saver 12 July – 18 July 2023


There are 2 ALDI Catalogues available.

- Aldi Catalogue Specials Week 28, 12 July – 18 July 2023
- Aldi Catalogue Specials 29, 19 July – 25 July 2023


Aldi Catalogue Specials 29, 19 July – 25 July 2023Keep scrolling above with the mouse to view the current catalogue display.

Aldi commitment to bringing the lowest prices on a wide range of high-quality products.. Visit Aldi online, shop now, or find an Aldi store near you. You can find Aldi Special Buys right here that can include anything from electronics, like DVD players and LCD TVs and, to furniture and clothing. Special buys Aldi comes out every Wednesday and Saturday, Stocks are limited, ensure you don’t miss out.


Create a shopping list with the Aldi specials offer this week easy because there are all different categories that you can see for one. Specific selection of your products. There is the latest Aldi voucher that you can get on your phone and shop in the shop or online, depending on the specific needs you have.

You should check out aldi catalogue last week here!

Through the Aldi specials this week customers be an on track of the week-by-week move of your favorite store and you will update with the weekly status of different products such as the general grocery, frozen foods, meat, bread, snacks, liquors, and a lot.

Find amazing prices in the latest Aldi catalogue for your favorite local store or supermarket. Regularly look at your local catalogue as it may not have all the deals and items.

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  1. The Aldi catalogue/flyer 3 November, mentions, on page 15, that there is a FOODTHROW available for 7.99..

    Try as I might I cannot locate same.

    No one seems to know anything about them. Is this another SNAFU

    I am after three (3) such covers.

    Can you assist me please.

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